Heart-led Entrepreneur Circle

“If you’ve just started or have been building your heart-led business for some time now, you may already know that the key to consistent results is a good plan, commitment to your hearts vision, allowing yourself to take imperfect action while slowing down to do the inner work. Unfortunately most of us repeat the same mistakes of keeping ourselves busy with actions that don’t bring results, neglecting the patterns in the mind that keep us stuck. But without aligning with our hearts calling and addressing limiting stories in the mind we will waste our time and energy on the actions that don’t bring results.”

The Heart-Led Entrepreneur Group Mindset Transformation Program is a 6-month interactive, LIVE Program that is designed to connect, support and uplevel holistic entrepreneurs for success in their business.

This group program takes you through a step-by-step process to get clarity on your vision, identify and remove internal blocks and uplevel your mind so that you can earn money doing what you love without self doubt and wasting time on actions that don’t bring results 

When you join our community of heart-led spiritual entrepreneurs, you’ll learn the neuroscience backed mindset transformation process, get an opportunity to do the deep inner healing work for the mind, body and soul, share your gifts with others and connect with like-minded people like you never had before!

If you are not where you want to be in your business, you constantly doubt yourself and the thought “I dont know what todo”, at the back of your mind leads to zero action and results, then this sacred container is just for you!

As a holistic entrepreneur you understand that complex human nature requires multidimensional approach in order to transform, and that no one needs to do it all on their own.

When people step on the path of the entrepreneurship, they go through the process of an initiation. The process of the initiation is like a Heroes Journey. In narratology  and comparative mythology, the hero’s journey , or the monomyth , is the common template of stories that involve a hero  who goes on an adventure , is victorious in a decisive crisis  and comes home  changed or transformed.

Are you ready to become a HERO of your Journey?

The Heart-Led Entrepreneur Group Mindset Transformation Program consists of a high-vibe medicine community starting and growing these kind of businesses: 

  • Life / Spiritual / Empowerment coaches
  • Health & Wellness coaches
  • Herbalists, Healers, Breathwork Practitioners 
  • Embodiment coaches / Somatic therapists / Movement Teachers
  • Acupuncturists, Astrologers, Bodyworkers, Energy Workers, Sound Healers
  • Ceremony Sacred Space holders (women’s circles; moon circles; cacao ceremonies; retreats)
  • Yoga / Meditation teachers
  • Councillors

The Heart-Led Entrepreneur Group Mindset Transformation Program

This interactive, live group program will teach you why and hot to get clarity on your Heart-Led Vision and identify and remove internal blocks that stand in the way of your success! Or your money back!


  • You are ready to start and/or grow your heart-led business in a way that gives you peace of mind, with more free time, fun and fulfillment…
  • You want more clarity, confidence and the exact steps to tap into your purpose, stop wasting time on actions that don’t bring results, and get into action, to build the life-transforming online business you want…
  • You might already have a business, you have a lot to offer, yet something’s off… you haven’t made as much money or been as successful as you’d hoped… you feel stuck and dont know what to do
  • And you know you have a bigger purpose and are called to reach more people with your gifts and services…

But you just don’t seem to get past the initial stages, or abandon everything after trying for the first time and feel blocked, stuck in your fears and doubts.

If so…

Know that you CAN identify and remove your blocks, resolve situations that cause anxiety and keep you stuck in the overwhelm, get clarity on your vision and steps needed to achieve success in your business with the support of this container and my easy step-by-step process!

Enrollment is open NOW!

Book a call today so that you can stop wasting time on the actions that don’t bring results and achieve success in your business that you deserve in 2021!

You'll get exactly what you need to succeed:


You will get clarity around what exactly it is you want to do, what you’re here to offer and who you’re called to serve most, so that you can communicate about your work, start reaching more people and speak in the way that attracts your ideal client instead of turning them away!


You’ll learn what is your current money story, how it dictated the results that you got in life to date and rewrite it, so that you can achieve the success in life that you and your family deserve!


Your mindset and deep inner work will get you the results you want! You will get past your blocks, and release your fears & limiting beliefs to grow your business using a balanced, co-creative approach. I combine neuro-coaching model based, heart-centered mindset transformation strategies along with spiritual mindset training, somatic and embodiment practices and other practical “woo” and manifesting work.


You will learn neuroscience backed planning and strategy techniques that support your growth, dont waste your precious time and align your mind towards the consistent action/reward process so that you can optimize your day-to-day and achieve results every step of the way!

Here’s everything you get…

  • NeuroCoaching model ™ based coaching that is brain-based, science-backed model of transformation that allows you to create source-based change. The model works for every problem, block, and limiting belief as well as to create any habit or goal so that you can create the income, business and life you want!
  • You will define your purpose and uncover your superpowers so that you are more aligned with your hearts calling and not working against it, creating internal peace vs conflict
  • You get 2 x 90-minute LIVE group coaching calls every month so you stay focused in the current step, organized, and take actions to create results in your business and life. (There is always space for you to ask anything on the calls. All calls are recorded and available to download in case you miss any).
  • Unlimited coaching in our private group so you’re fully supported by Erika and resident coaches, and in a community of like-minded friends, and never alone on your journey.
  • You get 1 Per Month Soul Igniting Work, including shamanic and other ceremonies so that you tend to your soul needs, invite your guiding spirits and animals, and continue to transform while transforming the lives of many
  • You get 2 x Private 1-1 Hypnotherapy or Mindset Breakthrough Coaching Calls with Erika to use anytime throughout the program so you get all the support and coaching you need to grow and reach all your business goals ($2000 value).
  • Special guest teacher bonus calls to help hone in on your message, your marketing and your business needs
  • Plus a library of extra trainings, videos, PDF’s, tools, resources, and guides so you can refer back to the work at anytime.
  • A high-vibration community of like-minded humans who often become collaborators and life-long friends! Where you can share your ideas, get feedback on your programs and so much more!

3 reasons why aspiring and holistic entrepreneurs choose to work on their mindset?

The Heart-Led Entrepreneur mindset transformation program IS for YOU if?

The Heart-Led Entrepreneur mindset transformation program is NOT for YOU if:

“When we pay attention to the seasons, rhythms and patterns encoded in our own nature, we will be surprised at what type of changes “want” to emerge. They may be different from what the rational mind is planning. They may supersede and surprise us with what we are capable of accomplishing.”

― Kevan Gilbert

Enrollment is open NOW!

Book a call today so that you can stop wasting time on the actions that don’t bring results and achieve success in your business that you deserve in 2021!

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