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“You want to start or grow your holistic business, I have a process that is designed to help you uplevel your mindset for success so that you don’t waste time on actions that dont bring results”


About me.

Hello my name is Erika Nikiskina. I am a founder of Discover Power Within, and a Heart-Led Mindset transformation program that is designed to help holistic entrepreneurs to up-level their mindset so that they can earn money doing what they love without wasting time on actions that dont bring results. 

If you feel lost and lack a sense of direction, and feel like even though you are learning and doing the things to create your transformation business, nothing happens, you can definitely relate to me. 

Coming from a strict upbringing and raised in a family with a very strong female character, I was often misunderstood. On top of that I rarely made my own decisions, I was advised what is best for me and what wasn’t. As I grew older, I struggled to understand who I was, kept my emotions hidden to not look week or vulnerable and and questioned my every move and decision. 

When I decided to become an entrepreneur, I worked very hard, kept investing into different all promising courses and yet failed to attract a paying client to at least cover my business running cost. I felt defeated.
The breakthrough came when I invested in coaching, began taking consistent imperfect actions, struggled, cried, persevered, worked on myself and my money mindset, improved my self-worth and listened to my inner needs.
It was an amazing experience, not only I was able to understand where I kept myself safe, and learnt to be accountable to myself, I also understood that if I dont learn to ask for help quick, I will work myself to burn out and wont be there for my kids. Because lets face it you cant do it all on your own.

Running a business is like an initiation, you have the skills inside of you to help others, but first you have to help yourself. The phrase transformed people transform lives, was like a mantra that spurred me on every time it became tough, because I did not want to carry my limiting beliefs to work with others?

Why should you choose to work on your mindset?

For those of us who choose to work with and for the good of people, we are lead by our hearts and often have our own stories, struggles that we overcame, inner battles that we’ve won that propelled us to share what we’ve learnt with others. 

Starting and growing a business is like an initiation into the holistic entrepreneurship. During this initiation you get to shred the limiting stories and heal the wounds so that you transform your being and have greater power to transform the lives of others as a result.

At the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey, start up entrepreneurs get so consumed to make their vision a reality that they make a costly mistake of not slowing down before they speed up. 

They try to do everything perfect,  working a lot of hours, and operate from the mindset that has limiting stories and wounds that hinder their progress, question their worth and move them farther from the success they deserve.

→ What successful entrepreneurs do differently is they slow down to speed up. They find a guide that will help them to shine light on limiting stories, heal the wounds of the past and encourage them to lean into uncomfortable so that they grow into the successful heart-led entrepreneurs they deserve to become.

What will become possible for you when you choose to work with the mindset coach?

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